Periurban mountain landscapes

  • The research project Periurban mountain landscapes. Data acquisition and field work for analyzing land use dynamics was led and operated by Andreas Haller. Based at the Institute of Geography, University of Innsbruck, it was gratefully financed by the Tyrolean Science Fund (TWF) during the period 2011–2013.

  • Abstract

    The exploratory research that contributes to a running PhD project is based on the assumption that globalization-driven processes and postmodern human attitudes are already transforming the outskirts of intermediate and secondary cities in developing mountain regions. Due to rapid urban growth, the hinterlands' valley floors will be converted into a materially and symbolically fragmented rural–urban landscape. Against the background of sustainable development in sensitive human–environmental systems, it is crucial to analyze past land use and cover changes and to develop scenarios of future urban growth, in order to support the planners’ and policy makers’ spatial decision process. This need especially applies to Central Andean valleys, where regional land use challenges and global economic interests result in manifold social–ecological problems (e.g. loss of agricultural land, socioeconomic segregation).

  • Keywords

    mountain cities, rural–urban interface, land use and land cover mapping

  • Tyrolean Science Fund FWF

  • Financing

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